The Secure Edge: Daily Round-up of Infosec Blogs — #33 [Copied Version]

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A Scientific Notation Bug in MySQL left AWS WAF Clients Vulnerable to SQL Injection —
GoSecure ethical hackers found a bug in MySQL that left AWS WAF users vulnerable to SQL injection. Our team further confirmed modsecurity to be affected.

Booking Tickets for 1Rupee in IRCTC Bus Booking App | by Udhaya Prakash | Nov, 2021 |
Here is my medium write-up of a simple price manipulation bug with some slight understanding of the price breakup used by the IRCTC Bus booking platform. It all started when I was casually trying to…

Back-to-Back PlayStation 5 Hacks Hit on the Same Day — The Security

CEH Practical Guide | Practical Examination | Prepapration

Broken Access Control: Pentester’s Gold
Broken Access Control 101 — The blog discusses the What are Broken Access Control issues? How to approach them? and a couple of real life scenarios encountered.

What is a Website Backdoor?
A backdoor provides a shortcut for authorized or unauthorized users to gain access to an unauthorized location of a website, software, or system. There are many different ways to categorize backdoors, but they are usually not in plain sight and are intentionally difficult to detect.

Easily find hidden API, AWS keys , secret token, keys 🤑 and more using this Burp extension
In this tutorial, I will show and demonstrate a very useful extension that can increase the possibility of finding hidden assets like apikey, token, AWS keys…

Practice WiFi Hacking on this $3 ESP8266 Router |
On this episode of HakByte, Alex Lynd shows how to set up a $3 NAT router on the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller, which can be used to legally practice WiFi hacking. This episode demonstrates using the WiFi Nugget to run a deauthentication attack against the $3 access point, and capturing a handshake using Aircrack-ng on a Linux computer.

PCI DSS — 5 Most Commonly Observed Control Failures — SISA
Companies must pay attention to common PCI DSS control failures, or it will become challenging for them to be PCI compliant.

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